Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

With due deliberation, we have set an goal for our company : To be one of the world's most valuable ship recycling yard. By Thinking Big and Thinking out of the box, we believe in achieving targets which seems unachievablee to others.

To sustain and to be successful in this fast moving and competiitive world,we have an open mindset not limiting our ideas and ways of success by traditional ways,we always adopt new skills and ideas to be at par with competitive environment of our industry.

Our management philosophy focuses on how we intend to create value for our company ,its Investors,and its workers . The central point of our strategy is to define our customer value proposition and relentlessly refine our internal processes to deliver this value propositions to our sellers at the same time allotting the highest priority to the environment, health & safety.

The emerging markets of Ship Recycling are becoming increasingly competitive even as sellers here are becoming more environments conscious, sophisticated and demanding. In this light, the optimization of productivity linked with quality is on prime focus for our company to match its standards with international rankers

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